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What are Iron Annie watches? The story behind Iron Annie watches

November 23, 2023



PoinTec Electronics GmbH, based in Germany, played a pivotal role in popularizing Junkers watches through their remarkable designs deeply rooted in the history of Hugo Junkers and his pre-World War II aircraft designs. Their commitment to crafting timepieces inspired by Junkers' legacy and aircraft designs elevated the appeal and significance of Junkers watches in the market.

Since 2019 PointTec is not longer able to continue producing and marketing Junkers watches, they needed to introduce a new brand to fill the gap left by Junkers and their decision to base this new line of watches on the famed "Iron Annie," a nickname for Hugo Junkers' iconic JU52 aircraft, appears to be very wise. This choice allowed PointTec to seamlessly carry forward the design ethos established with Junkers watches while maintaining a connection between the two brands.

The JU 52 or Iron Annie, was one of Hugo Junkers' most famous aircraft, designed and built in the early 1930s, it was primarily intended as a civilian airliner and freight transport aircraft, it quickly gained popularity thanks to its robust design, reliability, and versatility. 

During World War II, this airplane emerged as the German Luftwaffe's main transport aircraft, serving extensively in roles such as troop transport, cargo delivery, and medical evacuation. It gained renown for its resilience in adverse conditions and remarkable reliability.

After World War II, some Iron Annie aircrafts continued to serve in various roles, including civilian airliners and cargo planes. The Iron Annie holds a significant place in aviation history, remembered for its distinctive corrugated sheets metal construction and widespread use in various capacities over several decades.

Iron Annie watches are a line of timepieces inspired by the Junkers Ju 52 aircraft. These watches pay homage to the design, durability, and engineering of the iconic German aircraft. They often feature aviation-themed designs, robust build quality, and a vintage aesthetic reminiscent of the aircraft's era.

Like the JU 52 airplane, Iron Annie watches are known for their reliability as well as their precise timekeeping, and connection to aviation history, making them popular among watch enthusiasts and aviation aficionados alike.

At JustWatchMe we carry a good assortment of Iron Annie watches, the following are a small sample of watches from Iron Annie priced under $350.


5646-4 from the D-Aqui collection: Price $289 USD

This timepiece stands out as one of Iron Annie's most iconic designs, personally speaking. Its distinctive features pay homage to the JU52 plane, utilizing corrugated sheet metal on the dial, reminiscent of the aircraft's construction.

Notable elements include a GMT complication and a prominent big date window positioned at 12 o’clock. The amalgamation of oversized Arabic numerals denoting the hours and the striking sword-style hands delivers a truly distinctive aesthetic. 

Encased within the 42 mm stainless steel casing resides a Swiss-made Ronda movement, specifically the reference number 6203.B, ensuring precision and reliability. Adding to its allure, the watch is adorned with a 20 mm black leather strap, meticulously handcrafted in Germany 


5664-2  From the F13 Tempelhof collection: Price $320 USD


This watch boasts an automatic Miyota movement, complete with a hacking second hand for precision.

Encased in stainless steel, like the 42 mm diameter of the 5646 but stands a touch taller at 13mm. Its standout features include an exhibition caseback, mineral crystal on both the front and back, while its numerals and hands are painted with Super Luminova, ensuring excellent visibility in low light conditions.

Enhancing its appeal, the watch is paired with a distinguished dark brown leather strap, tastefully stamped with the brand logo, adding a decidedly masculine flair.




The 5140 from the Flight control series: Price $289 USD  

These watches come in two distinct colors: black and beige.

The black dial variant comes with a 20mm black leather strap, bearing the brand's logo, while the beige dial version is accompanied by a brown strap, both meticulously handcrafted.

In the black dial version, the numbers and hands are coated with Lume for enhanced visibility in the dark. However, the beige dial version uses Super Luminova technology throughout the entire dial, resulting in a luminous glow in the dark.

Both versions feature the Swiss Ronda 6203.B movement with a GMT complication and a big date display, the big date is now finished in black with white numbers instead of white with black numbers used on the 5646-4.

The onion-style crown, characteristic of pilot watches, is thoughtfully sized for comfort during wear.

Encased in a 42 mm case, these watches boast a water resistance rating of 50 meters, ensuring durability and versatility.



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