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The roots of Marathon Watch can be traced back to 1904 when it was established as Weinsturm Watch, later rebranded as Wein Brothers. In 1939, Morris Wein founded Marathon Watch, initially focusing on supplying precision timepieces across North America.

By 1941, Marathon starting manufacturing timing instruments for the Allied Forces, marking the beginning of its legacy in providing durable and high-performance watches for challenging environments. Through the years, Marathon has become synonymous with reliability and endurance.

Today Marathon watches are meticulously engineered to endure extreme conditions, including shock, water, and temperature fluctuations. Each timepiece undergoes stringent testing to ensure it not only meets but exceeds military specifications for durability and reliability. The trust instilled in Marathon by military personnel worldwide is evident through secured contracts with various branches, such as the United States Armed Forces, Canadian Armed Forces, and others. These contracts often entail supplying watches tailored for specific military operations or units.

With a diverse range of offerings, including field watches, dive watches, pilot watches, and chronographs, Marathon caters to a wide array of purposes and preferences. Renowned for their robust yet elegantly simple designs, Marathon watches prioritize legibility and durability above all else.