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LACO Neapel 39 & Palermo 39



 The classic Flieger watch design has an impressive pedigree spanning for over eighty years, offering a simple, highly legible template that has endured the test of time.

LACO, one of the original 5 companies asked by the German army to manufacture a watch to be used by their Luftwaffe bomber navigators during WW2, request number FL23883 , brings a wealth of experience and innovation when updating this iconic style. Over the years, they've expanded the design of the classic Flieger look, introducing a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes.

With the new Palermo 39 (reference 862130) and Neapel 39 (reference 862129), LACO introduces a bold and striking Orange twist to their classic Type A and Type B dials, drawing inspiration from the orange trees visible when flying over the Italian landscape.



 The newest itinerations of the LACO Neapel & Palermo feature a compact 39mm stainless steel case, which is a departure from the older and larger 42mm previous versions of the Neapel and Palermo lines now discontinued. These downsized cases retains the utilitarian charm of its larger counterparts but with a more understated wrist presence.

Every shape and corner of these cases have been carefully brushed, from the narrow sloping bezel to the short, narrowing lugs, giving them a robust and utilitarian appearance. 

Despite their smaller size for a traditional pilot watch, both models maintain the spirit of the  Flieger design. Moreover, both watches feature sapphire crystal and display casebacks.

The standard sapphire glass is not treated with antireflecting coating but for an additional $60 LACO will treat the inside and the outside of the glass.


  • 39mm in diameter
  • 11.55 mm height, including the glass
  • Weight 80 grams, complete watch
  • Water resistance 50 meters or 5 ATM



Measuring 7mm in diameter the striking crown offers a good grip and lends the watch with a robust aesthetic.

As this movement still have has a date wheel, when pulling the crown users will notice the crown have two positions, the second position is the one to be used when setting the time.



The dials of the Neapel 39 and Palermo 39 showcase the remarkable influence of color in their design. While the classic military-inspired Type A and Type B Flieger dials are typically plain, functional and finished in flat-black and white, the new orange colour injects a contemporary, playful, and energetic feel.

The shade of orange chosen for the printed Arabic numerals, minute markers, and the sword-shaped pilot style hands strikes a pleasant balance, neither too pale nor too muted. This tangerine hue effectively avoids the artificial look of simulated old patina, thanks to its vibrant and authentic appeal.

Beyond the use of orange, both models maintain Laco's classic, no-nonsense dial aesthetic, with the Neapel 39 embracing the elemental Type A Flieger look and the Palermo 39 sporting the more intricate B-Uhr design with an inner-hours scale and a more diverse handset.



Both of these watches feature sword style hands painted in black and then treated with Lume for excellent visibility, yes the Lume is green :-)

Like other watches from LACO’s original pilot watches collection, the Palermo hour hand is short and fits entirely within the inner hour circle, while the longer minute hand reaches the outside minute circle with precision.



Inside these watches we will find the automatic LACO 21 movement, based on the Miyota 821A, with hacking function, this movement impresses with its tasteful decoration considering the price point.

Customers have the option to upgrade to more decorated and refined LACO 31 movement, which is based on the Miyota 8315 movement.

The beat rate of both movements option are the same, 21,600 beats per hours, however, power reserve is quite different:

  • LACO 21 42 hours 
  • LACO 31 60 hours 

Performance in both movements is expected to be -10 to + 20 seconds per day.



To complement the orange accents on the dials, LACO pairs both models with an handmade in Germany 18mm black calf leather strap with two rivets on each side of the case, highlighted by contrasting orange stitching.



The Neapel 39 and Palermo 39 from LACO are a modern interpretation of the classic navigator watches, offering a refreshing twist on timeless design. With the sophisticated colour combination, these two watch models not only offer practicality in the cockpit, but also unfold their charm when worn everyday and in the business environment.

Price under $500 the Neapel 39 and Palermo 39 offer a unique alternative to the classic Flieger look for style-conscious buyers.

To acquire these exquisite timepieces, simply click below. Your journey to timeless elegance awaits!

LACO 862129 NEAPEL 39


LACO 862130 PALERMO 39