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The Bauhaus design and architecture school was established in 1919 and it remains a legendary institution to this day. Its revolutionary design language, characterized by clear lines, functionality, and minimalism, the distinctive Bauhaus design is instantly recognizable, even in the realm of timepieces. Enthusiasts of Bauhaus watches value the simplicity and refined aesthetic.

Following Bauhaus’s design philosophy, in 1929 Jena architects undertook the construction of a building in Ruhla, Thuringia, for Gebrüder Thiel GmbH.  Since its inception, watches have been consistently produced there, and the Bauhaus building itself stands as a revered cultural monument in the city of Ruhla. This structure elevated the small town near Glashütte to prominence as a hub for watch manufacturing.

In August 2019, POINTtec assumed control of watch production, the Bauhaus building, and the associated watch museum, seamlessly integrating the location into their family business.  To commemorate this acquisition, a new Bauhaus watch label was introduced, a brand committed to offering high-quality watches inspired in the timeless Bauhaus design at reasonable prices.