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Messerschsmitt 108-24DR 24 Hour watch


The Messerschmitt 108-24DR, a distinctive 24-hour timepiece that seamlessly blends unique aesthetics with logical functionality!

Renowned for delivering high-quality timepieces at accessible prices, Messerschmitt watches pay homage to iconic airplane designs and engineering triumphs from the pre-World War II and World War II eras, earning admiration from watch enthusiasts.

The watch we are reviewing today is named after the Messerschmitt BF108, a single engine sport and touring aircraft developed in the 1930s.



The dial of the Messerschmitt 108-24DR immediately captures our attention with its unique departure from the familiar 12-hour scale commonly found on most watches. However, upon closer examination, the 24-hour face reveals a compelling and logical design.

The 24-hour scale, known as railway time, military time, and continental time, divides the day into two distinct halves. The daylight hours from 6 am to 6 pm are elegantly displayed at the top of the dial, while the night hours, spanning from 6 pm to 6 am, are artfully portrayed at the bottom.


Enhancing visibility, the hour markers on the upper portion of the dial are treated with Lume, while the entire lower segment depicting night hours is generously coated with Lume. This unique combination ensures effortless time reading in low-light conditions.

Prominently positioned at the 12 o'clock marker is the brand name, while the date window resides at the 24-hour marker. Just above this, the silhouette of the BF108 plane adds a distinctive touch to the overall aesthetic. Safeguarding the dial is a flat mineral K1 glass, ensuring durability and protecting this captivating timepiece.

While adapting to the 24-hour scale may require some initial adjustment, regular use of this watch will quickly make time reading second nature.



The watch features a robust brushed stainless steel 316L case, measuring 43mm in diameter and a 12mm height. The lugs, spaced at 20mm, ensure a comfortable wear despite the size, accentuating the watch robust design.

Atop the case sits a stainless-steel bi-directional bezel for added convenience, the bezel is engraved with the 60-minute markings.

Flipping the watch reveals a screw-down back case etched with the iconic Messerschmitt logo, and the water resistance rating of 50 meters, this timepiece is built to withstand various environments.

The crown, measuring 7mm in diameter, is designed for a comfortable grip, allowing effortless adjustments for both timekeeping and date settings.

The entire timepiece weighs a mere 75 grams.



 Running this timepiece we find the Swiss-made Ronda 515.24 quartz movement, powered by a Renata 371 battery with an expected life of about 48 months.



The 20 mm black strap is made from leather and it is decorated with one metal rivet typical of Flieger watches, the brushed stainless steel buckle is not branded.

The leather strap is comfortable, but it is not as soft as the leather strap we may find on watches a bit pricier.



The Messerschmitt 108-24DR isn't just a watch; it's a conversation starter for watch collectors and Flieger watch aficionados alike. Thanks to its unconventional display of time, a robust design, and outstanding built quality, this watch stands as a testament to the creativity and innovation of analogue watchmaking.

Messerschmitt 108-24DR Luminous 24H display

Messerschmitt 108-24DR-O Luminous dial -24H Orange